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(88889271) Basic Title Searching(88889271) Basic Title Searching

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Cost: $30.00 (USD)
Credits: 2
Estimated Length: 2 hour(s)
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Since the dawn of civilization, society has recognized the need to create and maintain public records. Title to the entire State of New Jersey was originally vested in King Charles II of the United Kingdom after the conquest of the area from the Dutch. Today, government offices maintain these records. The Attorney or Title Officer reviews the search material and after applying the relevant legal principals determines the validity and/or insurability of the title under review.

In this course we will cover:

  • Search Theory
  • Searching Mechanics
  • Searching for Liens
  • The assembly and presentation of the search
  • the impact of computerization on searching


Upon completion of this course the learner will

  • be able to list the types of searches
  • know the procedure which a title searcher in the State of New Jersey follows to produce a search.
  • know where to look for liens and encumbrances
  • know how to assemble a search


Phil Noce


  1. How to Search (Online Lesson)


  1. How To Search
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