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(NJ 88895441) ALTA Best Practices(NJ 88895441) ALTA Best Practices

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  • Introduction  
  • Overview     
    • ALTA      
    • 7 Best Practices of Best Practices 
    Best Practice #1            
    • Best Practice 1: Licensing  
    • ALTA’s Policy Forms Licensing Requirement   
    Best Practice #2            
    • Best Practice #2: Escrow Trust Accounting    
    • Best Practice #2: Steps to Compliance    
    Best Practice #3            
    • Best Practice #3: Protecting NPI   
    • Best Practice #3: Steps to Compliance
    Best Practice #4            
    • Best Practice #4: Settlement Processes    
    • Best Practice #4: Recording Procedures   
    • Best Practice # 4:Pricing Procedure  
    Best Practice #5            
    • Best Practice #5: Policy Production  
    Best Practice #6            
    • Best Practice #6: Insurance Coverage  
    Best Practice #7            
    • Best Practice #7: Consumer Complaints  
    • Implementing   
    • Assessment Procedures    
    • Assessment Preparation Workbook   
    • Certification Package 
    • Certification Package Part 1  
    • Certification Package: Part 2 


Stephanie Fullerton

Streamline Consulting, LLC was founded in 2004, born naturally, based on the experience of its founders and a need within the industry for bridging gaps between software and title and insurance functionality. Streamline became an effective, non-biased and neutral third-party, to help make decisions, implement policies and procedures and in utilizing production software to its fullest capacity; all of which needed to be specific to the individual/respective organization.

We take the human resource and the title/escrow capabilities contained within client offices and apply them to the software to bring out the greatest utility in both. Streamline Consulting has team members and resources that focus on documents, reporting, system setup, project management solutions, data conversions, remote or on-site training and implementations, as needed. We function as the main software administrator for many of our clients, by working hand in hand with the client and applying workflow goals and management parameters to customize the software to meet your needs. Communication is not limited to just management. By sitting with client staff, we draw out the reality about how they actually spend their time, what applications they are using, how they use the production software and also work around inefficiencies.

This full bodied engagement is not necessary for everyone. Streamline is also equipped to work with clients on individual projects on an as needed basis. In addition to these professional capabilities, Streamline team members genuinely enjoy taking part in adding value to the client organization which is why we consider ourselves to be your Value Added Partner. We believe every company deserves the opportunity to shine regardless of its size and that in order to be successful, you must empower those around you to be the same. Streamline prides itself on providing innovative solutions, alternatives and opportunities for real estate title insurance companies nationally.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read about Streamline Consulting. We appreciate you!


  1. ALTA Best Practices (Online Lesson)


  1. ALTA Best Practices
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