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(88890538) Ethics in Title(88890538) Ethics in Title

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Ethics in Title

This course discusses 6 different topics related to ethics in the title industry.

Understanding Compliance
Compliance with laws and regulations is enforced by various state and federal entities.  We’ll talk about enforcement agencies, what can happen to violators and some of the trickier areas of compliance.

Confronting Pressure & Temptation
Pressure and temptation to bend the rules is more common that you may think.  It can come from obvious sources and, you’ll learn, from very subtle sources as well. The fiduciary role you play is crucial to maintaining the trust of customers, consumers and the general public.

Recognizing Fraud
Recognizing Fraud is more important today than ever before.  Ethical lapses, intentional or unintentional, can put everyone in the danger zone.  Fraudulent schemes are in the news nearly every day.  We’ll help you keep your eyes open for suspicious activities.

ALTA Principles of Fair Conduct
The ALTA Principles of Fair Conduct are part of ALTA’s Consumer Initiative.  Title industry professionals like you worked together to create the Principles and they’re a terrific guide for creating your own code of ethics.

Making Ethics Personal
Making Ethics Personal is really important.  Ethical behavior starts with each individual person, no matter what job they hold or what role they play in the company operation.  Personal and company ethics will help you as you face dangers in today’s risky marketplace.

Your Company’s Code of Ethics
Your Company Code of Ethics is the best tool you have to establish and maintain a truly relevant code that all of your employees can understand and actively apply every day.  You can use the ALTA Principles of Fair Conduct as a starting point.


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