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These courses have been approved by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance for Title Insurance Continuing Education Credit.

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88899025  - ALTA/NSPS Survey Standards

2 credits. Members of the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) have specific needs, unique to title insurance matters, when asked to insure title to land without exception as to the many matters which might be discoverable from survey and inspection, and which are not evidenced by the public records. This course discusses the standards associated with those surveys.

88889220 - Mortgage Issues in Title

2 Credits. The major lien disclosed on the county level is a mortgage. A mortgage is a limited conveyance of real property, the purpose of which is to create a security interest for an underlying debt, usually a mortgage note. Understanding the mortgage, how it is recorded, and how to remove it from the record is a core understanding of the Title Insurance industry.

88889271 - Basic Title Searching

2 Credits. This course concerns the proper production and presentation of a Title Search or Abstract on Real Property in the State of New Jersey. This course is approved by the Dept of Banking and Insurance</b>

88889272 - Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Estates

1 Credits. Discussion of Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Estates and how they effect Title.

88889874 - Basic Reading

3 Credits. This course discusses the basic function of a title reader. Another course addressed the function of title searchers in the twenty one county record rooms in the State of New Jersey. The title office or agent will order the necessary searches required by a title application in accordance with the title underwriter’s guidelines.

88889875 - Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Issues in Title

3 Credits. The Bankruptcy Act of 1898 was the first to give companies in distress an option of being protected from creditors. Since then, the laws and regulations have gone through a number of iterations that effect the consumer in bankruptcy and therefore title issues in real estate transactions for those going through bankruptcy. This course discusses the issues surrounding bankruptcy and foreclosures and the relationship they have to title insurance

88890109 - Judgments, Liens, and Encumbrances

3 credits. How they arise, how long they last how do you get rid of them. In the past, a judgment became a lien upon its entry on the Civil Judgment and Order Docket through an automatic process. As the result of a statutory amendment, an abstract of the judgment must be submitted to the Clerk, together with the requisite filing fee, in order to create a lien. Entry upon the minute book of the court clerk is insufficient. A judgment lien is purely statutory in nature; it was unknown at common law.

88890110 - Riparian and Other Water Issues in Title

3 Credits. Tidelands or Riparian lands refers to lands flowed by the tide (and sometimes includes lands formerly flowed by the tide). The State of New Jersey holds title in fee simple to all lands currently or formerly flowed by the tide, unless it has already conveyed its ownership. Tidelands claims in New Jersey are found in all counties except Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex and Morris

88890282 - Surveys and Descriptions

3 Credits. Surveys and DescriptionsThis course discusses surveys and descriptions and their relationship the title insurance.

88890538 - Ethics in Title

The course discusses compliance from an ethical perspective, related regulations, and ethics from a personal and company perspective.

88890564 - New Jersey Rate Manual

3 Credits. New Jersey Rate Manual

88890628 - Commitments, Policies and Endorsements

3 credits -- A discussion of all the forms filed by the New Jersey Rating Bureau. Updated to include 2015 forms

88891450 - Easements - Defined and Illustrated

3 Credits - Easements - Defined and Illustrated

88892247 - Water on Site

3 credits - Discusses the implicatons of water on site including riparian issues, wetland issues, storm water management and National Flood Insurance issues.

88894512 - Emerging Settlement Best Practices

1 Credit - The Consumer Finance Protection Board (“CFPB”) has been and will continue to promulgate increasingly tight compliance rules for lenders as well as the settlement industry. This course will focus on these “best practices,” which ALTA developed and published, in part, to establish a “benchmark” for the mortgage and real estate settlement industry.

88894532 - E-Recording

1 credit - The presentation will address doing business with digital documents and explain the e-recording process from the title industry perspective. During the presentation, we will review and outline eDocument legislation that permits e-recording both on a federal and state level. We will conclude by discussing the competitive advantages that e-recording brings to title agents specifically.


Our focus will be on the post closing process and the technology that goes with it, practical applications you can apply in your office and ways to use vendors to support the post closing.

88896208 - Title Insurance E & O

Due to the litigious nature of society today, professional liability insurance (aka E&O) has become increasingly important in many industries, especially the Title Industry. While it may not be mandated by every state, E&O Insurance is increasingly being required by the major Title Insurance carriers and lenders across the United States.

88896340 - CFPB: What Not To Do

CFPB: What Not To Do with Kevin Pogoda

88896341 - Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule

This course discusses the new Integrated Mortgage Disclosure rule that will go into effect Aug 1, 2015. The presenter is Anne Anastasi who is a former president of the American Land Title Association.

88896342 - ALTA Best Practices by Diane Evans

2 credits. A discussion of ALTA Best practices by ALTA president Diane Evans

88897461 - Electronic Delivery of Mortgage Disclosures

1 credit - Two industry leaders explain electronic delivery and esignatures. Electronic delivery of documents has become ubiquitous. It's only natural that it would come to the Mortgage and Title industry. This course will give you some historical legislative background and will help you understand how electronic delivery and electronic signatures will impact your business.

88897462 - Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act

4 Credits - Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act

88898112 - Fraud in the Title Industry

4 credits Fraud in the Title Industry

88898113 - NJ Ethics with Michael Holdern

Michael Holden discusses a wide range of Ethics topics and how they relate to the Title Insurance Industry. It is a comprehensive discussion that covers historical perspectives, unethical conduct, and cultural factors. He uses Boeing as an example of corporate ethics policies and discusses how to establish an ethical organization.

88898245 - Cyber Crime in the Title Industry

3 Credits - Businesses in general are under attach by cyber criminals. Title agencies are particularly vulnerable because of the amount of money that passes through their escrow accounts. Learn how to protect your business in this course

88899254 - Insuring Reverse Mortgages

1 credit - A reverse mortgage is a safe and easy way for seniors to turn their home’s equity into an additional source of income to meet any financial need. Most financial planners view it as a liquidity tool that unlocks tax free premium dollars.

NJ 88895441 - ALTA Best Practices

1 credit. Stephanie Fullerton of Streamline Consulting explains an overview of ALTA Best Practices

NJ 88895976 - Financial Fraud

Tracy Milanese discusses modern day financial fraud, how to detect it, and how to protect yourself.

NJ 88895977 - CFPB's New Rule

This course will cover the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new rule on the Integrated Disclosure Rule

NJ 88898678  - From Searching to Signing with Micahael Holden

Michael Holden discusses many aspects of the title production process. He includes the history of Real Estate Titles going back as far as ancient Babylonian times. His presentation brings the participant up through the ages discussing Bravehart of Scotland, the Magna Carta, the 13 original colonies, concluding with the productino of titles today
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