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Learntitle is committed to providing Utah title agencies with the very best onlinecontinuing education available. Because of our unwavering focus on quality education, we present these online continuing education courses. Anyone needing continuing education credits is welcome to sign up for a course.

We have developed relationships with top subject matter experts to bring you continuing education courses that meet current needs of the title industry. Peruse the catalog and choose a course. Enroll today and take your time to finish at your convenience.

12 CE hours, including 3 hours of ethics, are required every 2 year license term. 50% of the required CE hours must be in classroom or approved online classroom equivalent courses.

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UT 34342 - UT Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act

4 Credits - Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act. Includes details of new Loan Estimate and Closing disclosure.

UT 34343 - UT Fraud in Title Insurance

4 Credits - This course is a comprehensive discussion of Fraud in the Title Industry. It covers fraud for property and fraud for profit schemes that have been around for a long time. The majority of the presentation centers on Cyber Fraud. The Business Email Compromise has become a major threat to businesses in general and are of significant concern to title agencies.

UT 34401 - UT Alta Best Practices

1 credit. Stephanie Fullerton of Streamline Consulting explains an overview of ALTA Best Practices

UT 34402 - Ethics in Title with Michael Holden

Michael Holden discusses a wide range of Ethics topics and how they relate to the Title Insurance Industry. It is a comprehensive discussion that covers historical perspectives, unethical conduct, and cultural factors. He uses Boeing as an example of corporate ethics policies and discusses how to establish an ethical organization.

UT 34403 - UT Electronic Delivery of Mortgage Disclosures

1 credit - Two industry leaders explain electronic delivery and esignatures. Electronic delivery of documents has become ubiquitous. It's only natural that it would come to the Mortgage and Title industry. This course will give you some historical legislative background and will help you understand how electronic delivery and electronic signatures will impact your business.

UT 34404 - UT E-Recording

The presentation will address doing business with digital documents and explain the e-recording process from the title industry perspective. During the presentation, we will review and outline eDocument legislation that permits e-recording both on a federal and state level. We will conclude by discussing the competitive advantages that e-recording brings to title agents specifically.

UT 34422 - UT Cyber Crime in the Title Industry

3 Credits - Businesses in general are under attach by cyber criminals. Title agencies are particularly vulnerable because of the amount of money that passes through their escrow accounts. Learn how to protect your business in this course

UT 34467 - UT Title Errors and Omissions

Due to the litigious nature of society today, professional liability insurance (aka E&O) has become increasingly important in many industries, especially the Title Industry. While it may not be mandated by every state, E&O Insurance is increasingly being required by the major Title Insurance carriers and lenders across the United States.

UT 34468 - UT ALTA Best Practices Pillars 1&6

Pillar 1 is about licensing. The course covers the 10 questions asked in the ALTA Pillar 1 Workbook so that the learner understands what is expected to by compliant. Pillar 6 is about Professional Liability Insurance. The course covers the 12 questions asked in the ALTA Pillar 6 Workbook so that the learner understands what is expected to by compliant.

UT 34469 - UT ALTA Best Practices Pillar 4

Pillar 4 is about adopting standard real estate settlement procedures and policies that help ensure compliance with Federal and State Consumer Financial Laws as applicable to the Settlement process.

UT 34470 - UT ALTA Best Practices Pillar 7

2 credits - Pillar 7 is about adopting and maintaining written procedures for resolving consumer complaints. The course covers the 38 questions asked in the ALTA Pillar 7 Workbook so that the learner understands what is expected to by compliant.

UT 35181 - UT ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards

2 credits. Members of the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) have specific needs, unique to title insurance matters, when asked to insure title to land without exception as to the many matters which might be discoverable from survey and inspection, and which are not evidenced by the public records. This course discusses the standards associated with those surveys.

UT 36250 - UT Title Insurance Ethics

The course discusses compliance from an ethical perspective, related regulations, and ethics from a personal and company perspective.
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