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 Self-study courses must have a proctored, closed book examination.  Course material and personal notes may not be used.  An exam proctor is defined by 20 CSR 700-3.200 as a disinterested third party of at least eighteen (18) years of age, who has no corporate, employment or personal relationship, or other interest, in the student’s performance on the examination. In the case of a computer or internet exam, such as the one that will follow each course in this catalog, you must download the Proctor Affidavit, fill it out and email it to or fax it to 201-596-2869. Proctor affidavits can be downloaded in the Course Materials section of each course.

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Catalog: Best Practice Training

Each of these modules will take you through the Workbooks step by step, answering all the questions so that when you are finished you will have a better understanding of what is expected and how your agency compares to what ALTA considers the standard.

Catalog: Missouri Title Insurance Continuing Education

Missouri Title Insurance Continuing Education
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